New Graduates - RMT Insurance

We are excited to announce we are now insuring RMT’s in British Columbia!

Congratulations on passing your CMTO or CMTBC examinations!

Welcome to the #1 site in Ontario for purchasing Registered Massage Therapy liability insurance (PLI, Malpractice Insurance or Errors & Omissions).

No membership is required, saving you HUNDREDS of dollars a year.

If you prefer, you can also apply by Mail or Fax by completing this pdf form.

Please fill out the following form to apply:


Now that you have completed your Massage Training and have been invited to register as a new member of the CMTO or CMTBC, you can purchase Liability insurance. You have come to the right place! LMI is Canada’s Largest RMT insurance partner and it all started right here in Ontario.

We have been working with the CMTO or CMTBC to provide a comprehensive and cost effective insurance policy. This started over 20 years ago and we have been striving ever since to create the best Liability insurance policy for RMT new graduates.

We understand that as a new graduate you have options and most predominantly that would be the RMTAO insurance option. Unlike the RMTAO, the LMI Liability insurance policy does not require a membership and is offered at a reduced rate for your first year. As a new graduate we understand you want to start working right away. That is why we have an expedited, affordable and CMTO or CMTBC approved RMT Liability insurance policy that is designed just for you.

On top of a superior price, we do our best to reach out to RMT schools and offer education seminars. With our long-standing experience, and an easy application process, we are confident that you will see the benefit of the LMI RMT Liability insurance policy.

Congratulations again on graduating from your RMT program. We look forward to being your RMT Liability insurance partner for years to come.